Fotocrime shares dancy single “Blue Smoke” ahead of sophomore LP

“Blue Smoke,” the new single by industrial rock band Fotocrime, sounds like a rave taking place in a noisy factory. Underneath robotic synth lines and cacophonous guitar playing, mechanical drums and a scowling, metallic bass line provide a steady groove that would inspire even the dreariest souls to stir.

The black and white music video for “Blues Smoke” centers on two people clad in Ghillie suits, moving about a city at night. Directed by Katie Lovecraft, the music video also cuts to darkly-dressed but fashionable people dancing in a warehouse or some other impromptu space. All the visuals suit the song very well.

The lyrics to “Blue Smoke” detail escaping one’s reality. Fotocrime’s sole member, R., who previously fronted the hardcore band Coliseum, delivers lines such as “Just need a day or two/A couple years at most/To clear the smoke.” Janet Morgan of the band Channels also sings on the track, cutting through R.’s commanding lead vocals with her knifelike voice.

Fotocrime’s sophomore album, South of Heaven, is out March 13 on Profound Lore Records. J. Robbins of the influential D.C. band Jawbox engineered the album and Steve Albini oversaw some of its recording. If the rest of the album is as forceful and groovy as “Blue Smoke,” it is certainly something worth keeping on your radar.