Mechanimal takes viewers through a disorienting urban landscape in new music video for “Scavengers”

Back in January, Mechanimal released its fourth album, Crux, and now the Greek industrial rock band has shared a montage-like music video for the synth-driven track “Scavengers.”

Directed by photographer Gerasimos Domenikos, the nearly five and a half minute video bombards viewers with a whirlwind of urban life that includes cramped public transportation, busy streets, shoppers, construction workers and a lot of people using their cellphones. The visuals for “Scavengers” match the song’s anxious feel and suit its bleak lyrics such as “Violent city/Full of death and despair/No, this is not London/This is Athens, GR.”

The decision by Mechanimal’s founder and primary songwriter, Giannis Papaioannou, to feature a soothing string melody toward the end of the song elevates “Scavengers” above the average, repetitive industrial track. And, Domenikos’ experimental music video provides a tangible feel to the song’s modern imagery. It’s like watching a Sergei Eisenstein film sped up by 500 percent and narrated by a pessimist. Check it out.

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